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Reviews are broken.

Nobody trusts reviews anymore.

Most people buy things based on the trusted recommendation of other people they know, or know of.

Yet, reviews:

1. Aren't trusted

2. Aren't from people you know, know of, or in a similar situation as you.

Businesses incentivize customers to leave good reviews for free product and discounts.

Review websites make all their money from recommending products they get paid to promote.

That's dumb.

Make. Reviews. Great. Again.

That's why we built Founder Stacks

There are more software tools and service providers than ever before.

Picking the right one is HARD.

Picking wrong costs time and $$$.

That's why we built Founder Stacks: the dedicated place to see every single one of the tools & vendors used by other successful entrepreneurs in your industry. Including how much they pay for them, a score, and a real review.

More than ever before B2B buying is done through network and trusted peers.

Founder Stacks is the scalable way to make buying decisions and get product recommendations.

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